“because nothing says ‘Friends?’ like being in the top five”

I get frustrated w. all the idiots who come out of the woodwork looking to condemn Israel for standing up for itself. But this… This made me laugh so hard I almost snarfed my hot chocolate.

Because the previous diplomatic negotiations, hence the aforementioned ceasefire agreement? It was totally made up. You know, Israel could solve this problem by just sending a beautiful FTD floral arrangement over to Hamas. Or perhaps a delightful fruit basket – the ones with the pretty cellophane that come with a bonus plush toy? If all else fails Israel could just make Hamas their top friend on Myspace because nothing says “Friends?” like being in the top five, right?

via Crisis in Middle East brings out the attention-starved D-listers «.

Seriously, I love Loesch’s brand of sarcasm.  Go read the whole thinghere, it’s great.

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