From Erick Erickson’s latest, The Importance of Disclosing This Immediately:

I will not vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States even if he is the Republican nominee.
He is an authoritarian blending nationalist and tribal impulses, which historically has never worked out well for the nation that goes in that direction or the people in that nation.

Erick hits the nail on the head here. I will not vote for Donald Trump. If my choice is Donald or Hilary, I’d rather have Hilary. Donald or Bernie, I’d rather have Bernie. That is how much I will not vote for Donald Trump.

Trump-stancesI’ll even go one step further. If Donald Trump becomes the Republican Nominee, I will change my affiliation. I’ve been a registered Republican for 21 years. I’ve said for years now that I didn’t leave the GOP, the GOP left me. I have remained a registered Republican solely for the opportunity to vote in primaries and hopefully change the direction of the party.

Unlike some others, I am not ready to throw in the towel on the GOP, at least not until the primary is over. I am still praying that the party will wake up, and vote in Rubio or Cruz. We will see what happens on Super Tuesday. Until then remember,

Friends don’t let friends vote for Donald Trump.

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