So, GeekBoy has decided to play soccer this year.  August 30th was his first day on the field, and yes, I’m just now getting to write this up!  tell you anything about our week?  *S*  Anyway, it was the Opening Day, come meet ur coach type clinic.  Coach K seems to be a nice coach.  He seems very mild mannered and understanding.  “He’s nice & good.  Teaching us good stuff. Showing us how to exercise our bodies and stuff,” says GeekBoy.

Practice was last Thursday.  After a few drill Coach broke everyone up into teams and let them play a little mini-game.  GeekBoy requested the goalie position, and he loves it!


Coach said he’s not nailed into it, but if Goalie is what he wants, it’s all his.

View more photos at flickr: the soccer set.

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