We said, “Don’t try this at home!”

Ok, Adam & Jamie.  We heard you.  “Don’t try this at home.”  But this was one Myth that we just had to try on our own!

We set up the experiment before we watched the Mythbusters episode.  We had a bottle of water, seltzer water, Caffiene Free Diet Coke, and Diet Coke.  GeekBoy was convinced that everything would explode, it was gonna be great!!

He dropped a Mento into the bottle of water, and ran.  Nothing happened.  A bit disappointed, he persevered.

He dropped a Mento into the bottle of seltzer water, and took a step back.  It fizzed up, but didn’t really do much.  Hopeful, he moved on to the Caffeine Free Diet Coke.

GeekBoy dropped a Mento into the bottle of Caff. Free Diet Coke, and took a step back.  Then he quickly took a few more as the soda gushed higher.  Excited, he could hardly wait to try the next bottle.

As he readied to drop the Mento into the bottle of Diet Coke, he hollered out a warning.  Then he dropped the candy in and ran!  He turned around in time to see the fountain of soda as it went higher and higher in the air.

Afterwards, we watch Mythbusters, as Jamie and Adam experimented to find out just why did the mento react that way to the soda.   It was great.  *S*

Here’s a copy of GeekBoy’s Observation sheet:


and a video of one of our exploding sodas:


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