NASA Rocks.

Last Saturday (and yes, I’m just now finding time to blog it!)  we checked out a rare NASA Open House.  Took a “journey into Tomorrow” where Geekboy got to play astronaut and do a Duplo experiment through the glove box.


After we checked out the Moon Rock, we caught up with LittleBlueSchool and the kids made a new friend.

Then we made slime, but not useable pictures, because it’s hard to take pictures and police three children making slime all at once.  However, I now know that slime is made with dishsoap colored green, and the stuff they put into a disposable diaper…  Hmmm….   I smell a future experiment. *S*  Then we walked through some exhibits, and talked to the wind tunnel guy, and then… we found them.

The robots.


It was actually pretty cool.  Turns out, the two guys running the exhibit were homeschooled.  It was really neat because the  older one got down on GeekBoy’s level and talked to him about the importane of Math, and how engineers may not like it, but they still need it.

After that, we wandered back to the Gym area and stood in line for roughly 30 minutes for some balloon swords and a pink poodle.  Oh yea.  Super fun!  By then the little ones were worn out, so we headed out.  ut we did check out the historic wind tunnel on the way back to the car.


We headed home, and the kids showed dad their goodies, and played with their slime.  And of course, you just can’t play with slime without making slime-boogers.


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