The Not-At-Home School Day

Yesterday, we took school with us to the dealership. Dad’s car needed some work done, so we packed it up and headed out. Math was done on a table in the waiting room at the dealership. We took turns reading books, meaning Geekboy read one, and Mommy read one book each for thePinkDiva and Lil’Chicano. Then we walked around and checked out the garage through the window… then they found the playroom.They played nicely for a while. Then the room got stuffy and we went for a walk around the parking lot to check out all the pretty new cars. We talked about how a ramp is a simple machine. Then, upon seeing a pumpkin orange GT, GeekBoy said, “Eww! That’s not a good color!” I concur.

When we got back to the service area, the car was ready! Only… it really wasn’t, and the nice lady put Ice Age on in the theater – yes. there was a theater. About 20-30 minutes before the movie was over, I was told the car was ready. S, after promising to borrow the flick from Gramma, we headed home.

at the dealership

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