I don’t feel so bad about it now…

I always feel a twinge of guilt when I wind up copping out and popping in a DVD for the kids. Then I saw this story on the FoxNews website. Now admittedly, my first response was what the?? Aren’t they taking Sex Ed a little too far these days?  But after reading the whole article, and learning that the school computer was hacked, resulting in the inappropriate film, I thought… Wait a second… Why are they showing a Star Wars movie, in school, already? Isn’t it like, only the second week or something?  What?

And for real…  Star Wars?  I mean, I love the movie too, and nothing gets GeekBoy to sit still for 2 hours like any of the Star Wars (We only let him watch ep. 1, 4, 5, &6.  2 only if the little ones are asleep, and 3 is way to “dark” for a 6 yr old.  He’ll get to watch that when he’s maybe 9 or even 12).  But this is a school we’re talking about.  Star Wars?  Shouldn’t it be like a Discovery Channel flick or something else remotely educational?  Star Wars?  Seriously?  This is what my tax dollars are paying for?

Makes me feel so much better about the times I give in and let them watch movies.

2 thoughts on “I don’t feel so bad about it now…

  1. Hey now!!! remember school days, in Mrs B’s Journalism class we watched the Medicine Man, and there was Hook, and some other movies that would make Pastor B—r go HELL NO!!

  2. Yea…. but what gets me more then anything is that this is only the second week of school!! i mean, come on! unless it had something remotely to do with topics being discussed… We didn’t get movies until just before Christmas Break or something like that… you know??

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