Autism, the CDC, and more.

So, I watched the House Oversight Committee hearing on Autism.

My takeaway – CDC & NIH are in total denial on mercury/vaccines & the role they may play.  They aren’t even looking into it.  As far as CDC is concerned, once your autistic kid is out of high school, you are on your own.  They have no idea why the rate has spiked so high so fast, and don’t really care to find out.  They are focusing on Genetics & Environment – but not the possibility of Mercury in the environment.  At one point, the lady from the CDC said that all mercury, aka thermiserol, had been removed from all vaccines EXCEPT the flu vaccine since 2001.  The crowd laughed at her.  It was also pointed out by members of the committee, that the CDC’s reasoning for ruling out vaccines & mercury relies heavily on studies done by a fraudster who embezzled grant money from the CDC, then gave them the results they wanted to hear.

The Representatives on the panel wanted to know why babies are loaded up on Vaccines so many so fast – the answer from the CDC – because not everyone goes to to the doctor on a regular basis, so we want to make sure we get them all, consequences be damned. Many of the Reps questioned the why the CDC refuses to even study the possibility of Vaccines in the equation, while clearly stating that were not ANTI-Vax, they just think that there needs to be studies & perhaps spread the shots out better instead of tripling & quadrupling up on shots.

At least one Rep mentioned diet as a cause/treatment. He asked what the CDC was doing on the end, and was told… um… yeah… we’ve heard that, but we’re focusing on the genetics & environmental stuff.  NIH guy just stammered around the importance of gut flora, but never answered the question.

The various groups who had representatives there are frustrated by the Govt’s (aka CDC & NIH) lack of cooperation & coordination.  Also seem to point the fingers at the CDC & NIH and say they are VERY close-minded to anything that doesn’t line up with what they have decided (genetic or environmental) causes Autism.

Personally – I want to know why the CDC is ignoring the impact of Vaccines & medications on genetics. I have one story from Britain that proves a specific drug altered the genetic code of the children of the pregnant women given it, and has caused a specific birth defect in their sons.  There have been NO studies on the possibilities of vaccines altering our genetic code, which – knowing what I know now about fetal dna in the vaccine – is a real possibility.

I’d also like to see the CDC study the impacts doubling, tripling, or more the number of vaccines in one dose. I believe that we pump way too much way too early into our babies.  I’d like to see the vaccine schedule revamped, and the doses spread out over a much longer period of time.

What’s your opinion? I’d love to hear it.

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