I get a gold star!

I did not react when the Grumpy Ol’ Fartknocker in the Food Lion Aisle was overly rude.

Backstory: Today is errand day. I take my younger two (Diva, 8 yr old high-functioning autistic, & BigBoy, 6 yr old very ADHD & Aspie/HFA-I’m not sure yet) shopping.  We normally go to the Super Walmart, then Food Lion, but today we had to stop at Hair Cuttery first because BigBoy said his hair was bothering him.  So, we finished the Hair Cuttery & Walmart. Diva got upset because I wouldn’t take them to Hallmark to shop for their annual Ornaments.  But those are supposed to be a surprise, so of course I won’t go when she’s with me!  Anyway, she was already upset with me when we got to the FoodLion.  BigBoy was overly antsy, and was dancing around the aisle just in front of the cart, and “making music” by tapping out rhythms on the shopping cart. This highly offended Diva, who was already upset at me. She started talking to BigBoy very angrily.

Now, we have a daily power struggle with Diva. I am constantly reminding her, “I am the mom. Not you.” So I let her know that her brother was not harming anyone or getting into trouble, and she needed to calm her self down.  I said this as we rounded the corner of the aisle where the Grumpy Ol’ Troll had decided to take up residence.  As we passed him, I him mutter, “He needs to stop too.” I didn’t know what to make of that, my boy wasn’t bothering him, and was further up the aisle at the point, so I moved both children up the aisle away from him.

But, the Guy was standing right in front of an item I needed.  So I walked back, alone, walked around him, said, “Excuse me,” grabbed the item and went back to my kids.  As I walked away, the Grump hrumphed, “Guess I need to watch my back now.” and then maneuvered himself with his back to the shelf & his cart sticking out into the aisle.

I thought about asking him if he had a problem with me or my kids… I wanted to tell him off…  but I didn’t. I just finished our shopping and came home.  I was good.

3 thoughts on “I get a gold star!

  1. He’s just crazy. I learned around here to just ignore people u don’t know who r talking to themselves, (or id never b able to take metro places lol)

  2. I agree with your assessment of fartknocker. Me being the deaf girl I would have said “I’m sorry, did you say something?” But how frustrating!

    Oddly enough I find that in PA here, people don’t bother me but in MD (like the whole state…) I get a lot of dirty looks. Hubs is now hyper sensitive to the kids being anything but pet rocks in public.

    Here, Bubba was singing in the shopping cart. Not in any intelligible language and LOUD. People were commenting to hubs how cute he was! In MD, muttering and dirty looks. Dunno what the deal is.

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