Hell Week.

Oy vey.

Really, it started last Saturday, when I had a migraine, but could take anything because DH was out rebuilding the deck & someone needed to be coherent enough to keep the kids fed and occupied while he worked. Guess who that was? Yup. He finally realized I was struggling when he wanted me to go to Lowes around 5pm for a piece of wood, and I couldn’t think.  That’s when he decided to pack it up for the day.

Sunday was ok. Headache was gone, but DH was still out working on the deck. I about cried watching BigBoy help his daddy. It was so cool to watch – GeekBoy has never cared for helping with projects like this because of the noise of the power tools & hammer, etc.  Sunday night I took my laptop keyboard apart trying to fix it. Didn’t work. It’s still fubar.

Monday – Diva was in rare form, started screaming at me before we even had breakfast.  Then GeekBoy had a bit of a breakdown because Diva’s Vision Therapy was two hours instead of the usual 1.  BigBoy’s head started to hurt Monday night.

Tuesday – Diva again woke up screaming at anyone who looked in her general direction. BigBoy complained his head hurt, but it didn’t seem to slow him down.  It was rainy, and everyone seemed to be on each other nerves. And I don’t know what happened, but somehow I messed up my back.

Wed – Errand day. Started off just ok, until I got the younger two to Walmart & the sunlight hit BigBoy in the face for the first time. He about barfed, and jumped into my arms to hide his neck.  My back screamed in protest, but wasn’t much I could do, my 6 yr now had a full-blown migraine. So Errand day got changed. We finished at Walmart, went home and took BigBoy to the doc later that day.  They gave him Motrin.  GeekBoy flipped out again, because our day got changed unexpectedly.  I was so worn out by dinner time, DH took us out to the local buffet.  Kids were good, GeekBoy had 3rds – I swear he’s growing again.  Then when everyone but BigBoy was done, Geek started to flip out because he wanted to leave right then, so DH wound up taking the big two to the car while I waited for BigBoy to finish.  Then I carried BigBoy out to the car with his head under my jacket to block the sun.

Thursday – For the first day all week, Diva didn’t wake up screaming.  Instead, the kids have been playing together sooooo well, I haven’t wanted to mess with it.  However, the bees started dive bombing anyone who walked out either the front or back doors, so much for playing outside. *sigh*  Then the kids told me there were a bunch of bees by the swing set. Get out there with my can of raid to find yea, there are bees, but more importantly, the Wool Carder Bees are so busy fighting each other for territory, they hadn’t noticed the wasp. Go to spray the wasp only to run out of spray. Seems I only had enough spray to piss the damn thing off. So I take off running across the yard, something I do NOT do (run, that is), and I tripped.  Fell on my face, but my knees took the brunt of the fall.  The bees must have noticed the wasp at that point and chased him off, because he was gone when I got up.  Of course, now my knees are really sore, and I can barely walk around.  *sigh* and because the bees have use trapped inside, the kids are starting to fuss at each other.

I swear. There is not enough chocolate in the world to get me through this week.  I’m just so tired…. physically & mentally. I’m exhausted.  Is this week over yet?

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