Eat that AOL Slackers!

9 years

It’s been nine years. Nine years since we walked down the aisle. Nine years since we said I do. Nine. Not even a double digit number. Yet we have lived a lifetime in those nine years.

We have weathered the storms of life together. We survived that tumultuous first year when we learned how to put up with each other. We have bought two cars, and paid them off! We have added 3 beautiful children to our family. We have lived overseas, and moved 5 times. We’ve bought our first house! We’ve dealt with separations due to job and family requirements. We’ve grown apart, and come back together again. Through it all, the one thing that keeps us together through thick and thin, the secret to our wonderful marriage, the one thing that holds us together when the navy puts a couple of oceans between us….


“Without trust there is no love.” – from the narcoleptic Argentinian in Moulin Rouge!

How true is that quote.  I trust this man. With my whole heart. I trust that he will never break heart. I trust that he will be faithful. He trusts me. He trusts that I will manage the money in a manner that will keep the bills paid and household afloat. He trusts that I will handle the kids, and deal with whatever is thrown in my direction. He trusts that I will never break his heart.

That kind of trust leaves us free to love.  Without condition.  Without reservation.  Without jealousy and fear.  And that kind of trust has held us together through all the crap Navy life throws at us.

Nine years.

It’s been nine years and 7 months since we met in that AOL chatroom.  Nine years and 5 months since he asked me to marry him.  Nine years and 4 months since the slackers in the AOL chatroom declared we wouldn’t last 6 months. But the AOL slackers didn’t know what we knew.  They didn’t know how much we trusted each other.

Happy Anniversary mi amor.  Te amo mucho, para siempre y siempre.

3 thoughts on “Eat that AOL Slackers!

  1. Happy anniversary to both of you! We also met in an AOL chatroom (ten years and two months ago). You know those things NEVER last. LOL Next month will be our 8th anniversary. I totally agree with the idea that trust is at the heart of a marriage. Love your blog. Thanks for this great post. 🙂

  2. Congratulations you two. Job well done. If you consider beautiful children and a loving husband a job. Not that you do. Happy Anniversary.

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