Happy B'day Hunny!

It was a good day… Gramma and Grampa came over to share in fun, presents and cake. And what a cake! *S* But more about that in a minute. First the presents. DH got a dremel, and a movie. He also got a workbench, but I let him put that together a few weeks again when it came in. Aren’t I so nice?? I did tell him to pull it out though to show Grampa. Gramma was our designated photographer today, and got this shot of my boys:

the boys

She also got this one of us during present time:


After gifts, the pizza finally got here, a half hour late, and cold! I have to call the delivery joint in the morning and let them know I’m not happy! but we warmed up the pies and ate anyway. My poor DD got so bored waiting for her pizza:


And then there was the cake. Gramma was nice enough to pick one up for me on her way down here, as I wasn’t going to have time today to get one. This thing was a yellow cake with white frosting. Since roses aren’t a “guy” thing, Gramma had them give it green edging, and then kind of scribbly swirls all over the edges in different colors. It was a nice cake for a guy. But!

That green edging got all melty when I set the cake on the only available counter space in my Hallway with a Stove, the rangetop. Plus, it wasn’t exactly green, it was more of a nickelodeon slime green. So now I’ve given my kids (and the all *big kids* too) a cake with what looks like Nickelodeon Slime falling off the edge. My baby, who isn’t really a baby anymore at 19 months, actually used his fork! I’m so proud! He proudly scooped a big mound of slime-colored icing and shoved it into his mouth. Well, up his nose is more acurate. So there is my sweet little boy, with a HUGE blob of Slime Green icing running from his nose to his lip. So he does what any 19 month old would do. He stuck his tongue out and started licking at the blob! EWWWW! Ok, I know it was just icing, but still! Yuck! *S* So of course, We have a picture! *S* Enjoy!


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