Transcontinental Railroad

Instead of reading the book, Charlie Brown & company have a nice little video that covers this topic nicely, and will likely be remembered far longer then a few pages of dry, oversimplified text.


Discussion Questions:

  • Name the company that started building in Omaha, Nebraska?
  • Name the company that started building in Sacremento, California?
  • What did the Federal Government promise the railroad companies for building?
  • Where did the two tracks join?
  • What is the “Golden Spike”?
  • When did building start? When did it end? How many years did it take to complete?
  • Which President signed the order to start?  Who was President when it was completed?

Golden Spike

More Resources:

Central Pacific Railroad Museum

Today in History (a .gov website)

Golden Spike Photo & information (a .gov website)

History Channel


PBS Documentary:  American Experience Trans Continental Railroad
——- Video available on YouTube – Part 1 & Part 2

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