April Fools!

I’d love to say that every day here in Casa de Yuriar is all sunshine and roses, and happiness abounds.  Don’t be fooled by the pleasant front we put forth when we venture out from these four walls.

We have our fits, tempers, and frustrations.  There are days when we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  Days when momma is hormonal, and flingin’ dishes.   I don’t write about those days here, though I do often blow off steam on my personal blog.  I tend to not write about 30 minute screaming fits from thePinkDiva (there is a reason I nicknamed her Diva!), or the fact that BigBoy has hit the terrible twos a year late, and seems to think he can talk back and tell momma “no” to just about everything.  I tend to avoid blogging the times the big guy lashes out instead of thinking rationally, esp since it’s a daily occurrence.

I don’t like reliving the downside.  It only feeds my sense of failure.  So often, I gloss over the difficulties inherent with spending 24-7-365 with my brood.  Sure, there are times when I wish I could rent a hotel room for a weekend and just sleep.  But truth is, I would miss the little crumb-crunchers too much to spend all that much time away from them.

Although, things may be changing soon.  for a big announcement, check out my personal blog here.

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Home Education Week!

1 thought on “April Fools!

  1. Congratulations! (I went to your other blog). 😉 I read this very same news at another blog this morning, similar picture, similar reaction! We would be pleasingly stunned too, if we got this surprise! 😉 I agree with your comment about not wanting to wallow in the negative. I would miss my little “crumb crunchers” too. There are times I need a break. But then I can’t wait to come back! =)

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