Shay’s Rebellion

(Note: We are using the BJU Heritage Studies, an American history curriculum, supplemented with my research)

After the American Revolution, the states needed money to pay their soldiers, so taxes were levied.  Kind of ironic since they had just fought a war about taxes, but at least this time the colonists had representatives, unlike before.

Thing is, alot of people didn’t like the idea of new taxes.  Daniel Shay’s led a group of farmers in a revolt. Their revolt ultimately drew attention to the need for a Constitution.
– Look at our timeline for a brief recap.
– Heritage Studies 3 – Read pages 2, 3, & 5. Then read pg 4.
– Watch the video below
– Discussion Questions (courtesy Mr Matusek’s blog):
– – What did Shays & his fellow Farmers seek relief from?
– – What caused the scarcity of money?
– – What did the farmers demand?
– – What was the biggest thing to come from Shays’ Rebellion?
– Activity — Pretend to be one of Shays’ farmers.  Write a letter to the newspaper explaining what you think the state should do.
–   — Alternative Activity – Write a blog post summarizing what you’ve learned about Shays’ Rebellion.


Support links:

[youtube] – companion PDF to the video above — a bit of history about Shays’ Rebellion — power points

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