Venus & Amerigo.

Week one went pretty ok.  Yea, we had a few bumps…but over all it was fun.  It generally takes about 2 hours to teach 3 different grade levels.  Wednesday we did a science project that involved pouring melted butter over a plate of flour to watch the “lava” carve it’s own paths.  Thursday, the weather was soooo pretty, that we declared a “Nice Weather Day” and the kids played outside, all day.  It was great!  Friday, we whipped through lessons in record time and even had time to get ready for Daddy’s birthday party.

We’ve got a full week ahead.  GeekBoy has soccer practice on Monday – yes, on labor day.  Hopefully most of the team will show up, because we only have one practice a week, and last week was rained out.  That means we will be heading into our first game next Saturday without ever having a full practice. Not a good position to be in to start the year.

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