Conference Notes – HOTM Day 4

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Session #1: How to keep ur childs natural desire to learn alive.

  • “the cure of boredom is curiosity. there is no cure for curiosity.” Dorothy parker.
  • Kids are curious, and it starts at births. Babies sticks things in there mouths. Toddlers – ’nuff said. Preschoolers.
  • Curiosity is a gift.
  • Ask Questions. You ask them. Einstein said – important thing is to not stop questioning.
  • Encourage exploration. doesn’t always have to be outside though, but can be messy. mom’s don’t like messes, but kids do!
  • If you don’t like nature, check out the Five in a Row nature studies.
  • What’s more exciting – to be told red & blue make purple, to be given paints and discover it for yourself.
  • Limit Media. Media often competes with a child’s natural desire to learn. it feeds the “entertain me” factor. Movies, TV, computer games, Wii, etc. It competes with the desire to go outside. If you have a student struggling to learn limit. Check out the song by the Oompa Loompas –
  • Books. read read read! Good, living books. Check Educating the Whole Child by Sally Clarkson Good book will lead to questions about what words mean. Good books will lead a kid to learn more about the setting, or human relationships.
  • Answer questions. When ur kid has a question, stop, and find the answer. Teach them how to find the answer. keep a notebook of questions and come back to them if you can’t answer right away.
  • Delight Directed studies. Do what interests them. Somethings are need no matter what ie math & reading. But your child doesn’t need the cookie cutter one size fits all curriculum.
  • Let them see you learning. We moms underestimate how much set the tone. Get excited!
  • preserving curiousity will produce a life long learner, and that’s what’s important. Not latin, or knowing all the kings of england. But that they learn to love
  • Intellegence is not so much the capacity to learn, as the capacity to wonder. – Oliver wendel holmes.
  • check out

Session #2: I’d be a great homeschooler if it weren’t for these kids!

  • “My plans don’t always match what God has planned for the family.”
  • a cake tester works wonderfully for getting things out of a kids nose. *S*
  • “I don’t have the answers, but I do know the ONE that does.”
  • Sometimes mom needs an attitude adjustment. The child grows so fast, your going to miss it if you concentrate on “fixing” him.
  • God didn’t send us our kids so we can fix them. He sent them to fix us. He loves our kids more then we could ever begin to.
  • homeschooling makes you depend on God like neverr b4, bcuz you know like never before, I don’t have all the answers, but I know the ONE who does.
  • Moses & David were both seen immediately as something special. (from birth moses was seen as fine. David was chosen at a young age.)
  • We have to blend our vision for who our kids will become with God’s vision for that kid.
  • God had a plan for this child, it my job to discover that.
  • We have the TIME. Take Initiative for meaningful experiences.
  • Do u have a vision for ur kids, ur parenting, your hs?
  • Both went through time of prep. Both spent prep time in the desert.
  • God is enough. If everything was taken, He would be enough. Am I there? Or am I too tied up in kids and husband?
  • Both spent time in a king’s court. They sat @ the feet of earthly kings. We sit at the feet of a Heavenly King. Are you taking the time to sit at the King’s feet?
  • Both of them had to fight giants in their lives. (Moses – Pharaoh. David – Goliath)
  • Both were least – least likely to succeed. Are u feeling like a least likely?
  • Saul’s Armour didn’t work for David. Not every method will work for your family. Don’t try to put on your friend’s “armour”
  • No Fear! God’s got our back.
  • Your children are looking at you to be their mirror.
  • they both depended on God.
  • Both had own experience with God
  • God speaks to us in everyday happenings.
  • look how God used Moses & David inspite of what they had done.
  • Both pursued the dreams God had planted in their heart. What dreams do you have that God has planted in your heart? And don’t discount “just homeschooling ur kids” as not a big enough dream. You don’t have to be a world changer, just use what u have in your hand.
  • you have no idea what ur kids will do for God at some point in their lives. We are rasing the remmant for God.
  • Don’t ignore or bury the dreams in your heart.
  • neither achieved what they thought the dream was. but they experienced the truth – it’s not about the dream. It’s all about the journey. walking one step forward toward God everyday.
  • Don’t compare ur selves to ne1 else. God is enuff for you, ur hs, ur discipline problem.
  • grab hold of God’s hand, and don’t let go.
  • Work building the relationship with the family. encourage closeness. Say sorry 2 each other. model affection. etc.
  • only take on what DH is in agreement to take on. Women tend to take on too much.
  • check for some ideas
  • how many years did it take to get a good routine and schedule? “I will let you know! I still haven’t gotten one! Just know whatever kinks happen, God will provide.”
  • How do I plan for the year? (check her blog, she’s posted some tips) “plan and prepare all through the summer. get out the books that inspire me.”

I need a break. I’m on information overload. I will try to be back later for more of the sessions, but I really need to unplug and spend some times with the kids right now. Enjoy!

Session #6 Cultivating Creativity

  • we r hardwired by God to be creative.
  • Create – being into being, or cause to exist.
  • Tap into the passion, and unleash the genius buried underneath.
  • Didn’t have a whole lot as a kid, but God put them just where they needed to be. Don’t let the world tell you what you should do for your kid.
  • Eph. 2:10 “which God prepared in advance”
  • resourceful, independent learners. Kids who like stuff back in their hands.
  • Are you giving your child time to discover the gifts that lay buried.
  • Creative kid knows who they are not. but are figuring out who they are
  • Provide with resources.
  • sometimes need help, but don’t want u to do it all.
  • they don’t want to conform
  • think about your words. r u trying to make them conform to your image of what they should be?
  • foster an atmosphere of questions.
  • act silly & allow them to be silly. Creativity is birthed out of silliness. get out there and play with them!
  • 5 deterrents to creativity: Busyness, too strong a focus on academic achievement, sports, too much screen time, parent choosing the way to play vs child.

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