Like Mother, like son

So, I found this link to a Reading Level Assessment Test, and had Geek Boy take the “San Diego Quick Assessment” this morning. The idea is, you miss one, your good, miss 2 words and this is your instruction level, 3 words tells you this level would be too hard.

GeekBoy breezed through levels 1-4, missed 2 words in level 5, and 2 words in level 6. Then he didn’t want to read anymore because, silly boy, he wanted breakfast. So I told him he’s reading at a 5th & 6th grade level. Yup. My first grader is not only doing 3rd grade math, he’s reading on a 5th/6th grade level. Wow.

Guess that explains why he can rip through the Magic Treehouse books so fast – one book in a few hours.

**In case you were wondering, he gets it from me. *S* I was reading at or above high school level when I was in 5th and 6th grade.

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