Learning never stops… even if the blogging of it does

It’s been a rough week.  Giants won the Super Bowl!  Plus my Carpal Tunnel flared up.  Badly.  Like I didn’t want to see a computer by the time last Thursday rolled around.  But, it’s been productive nevertheless.

GeekBoy has been working on his multiplication table.  I’ve got a chart up on the wall in the kitchen, and when he feels like it, we fill in another row.  He’s also started playing Hot Shot Business, and is totally rocking it.  He’s learning a lot about business, and marketing, and keeping up with demand.

thePinkDiva has been working on her math and practicing her reading.   Seriously, she drives me insane.  Since birth, she has been the one to just lay back, and let you do everything for her.  If there is a way to get you to do it for her, she will find it. It’s frustrating the heck out of me.  I’ve completely backed off the reading.  It’s not that she can’t do it.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to.  She really does want to, as evidenced by her constantly bringing it up.  And she can, because she knows the letter names and sounds, knows how to put them together.  Heck, she’s even writing already!  GeekBoy barely writes, preferring to draw, but tPD would rather write her name, over and over, and over.  I don’t want to just plop her down and say, figure it out and walk away, because, HELLO!!!  She’s only 4! (well, almost 5, but still!)  But she is frustrating me to no end!!!  AHHHH!  and worse, she thinks it’s hilarious to see mom so frustrated!  AHHHH!

But, we had fun at PE the other day, and we’ve been having a great time, getting out to enjoy the nice, 60 degree weather while we have it.

2 thoughts on “Learning never stops… even if the blogging of it does

  1. oh good grief… I don’t even want to think of the havoc she will wreak upon my life when she is a teen… good grief… *S*

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