He had fun… I just tried not to completely lose my cookies.

Biology and Thanksgiving dinner, all wrapped up in a flesh-colored package.


We turned the turkey into a biology lesson.

GeekBoy wanted to check out the turkey’s neck.  So after checking out the inside of the bird, flapping the wings, and checking out the legs, we inspected all that fun stuff they send in little plastic baggies inside the birds.  We checked out the neck, and the muscles and tendons that make it work.  Then we looked at the liver.  We dissected the heart, and checked out the different chambers and saw all the blood vessels.  Then we cut into a gizzard, though, honestly, we weren’t sure what it was at the time.  Dad and I guessed at kidneys.  Close, but  no cigar.  I can now tell you that the Gizzard is the turkey’s stomach.  More accurately, it’s the part of the bird’s stomach that contains tiny stones, used in digestion.

Yup.   The learning never stops at Casa del Yuriar.  There is no such thing as a holiday here at Apredemos Academy.  Everything and anything can be turned into a learning experience.  How awesome is that?

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