no such thing as a sick day

We’ve actually done more “school” today then we have in several weeks. Yet the fact that we are all sick, some sicker then others, has not slowed us down today!

In between movies, GeekBoy has done a page of a math workbook (which is something he almost never touches!), and 4 pages from a language workbook. Meanwhile, thePinkDiva and Lil’Chicano practiced identifying their numbers with flashcards. tPD is working on numbers 9-12 right now, and the Lil’Chicano is already id’ing 1-4 all on his own! How awesome is that?

I continue to be amazed at how much information these kids soak up, just living life. I grew up in the “sit at your desk for 8 hours a day” environment. It really is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that it is not necessary. This is the point where you could start calling us “unschoolers”, and we are… but not really. We jump from topic to topic with lightning speed. Usually the kids, all three, are interested in knowing everything they can fit into their heads about a subject for about one week. Then they are on to something new. But I do insist on the classic fundamentals of Math and Language. We gravitate towards books, a la Charlotte Mason Method, and utilize unit studies and lapbooks on occasion. All of that makes us more of an Eclectic Homeschool.

Speaking of being eclectic…  I found this great Thanksgiving Lapbook unit over at HomeschoolEstore (soon to be  Looks like fun.  I’ve got to get into it and really figure out how it’s supposed to work and all, but it looks like my kids will love it.  We shall see.

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