an Assessment

Geekboy. He’s the kind of kid you hated to have in your class. You know, the guy who could sit in the back of the classroom and sleep all day, and still bring home straight A’s.  The one who gets it all without really having to apply himself. Explain it once, it’s in there, ready to be spit back at you when you least expect it. My biggest challenge with this kid is, am I challenging him enough?

thePinkDiva. She is the kind of kid who would sit in the front of the room, take extensive notes, and still fail.  She is one of those kids who always seems a step behind, although reality is, she is way ahead of where kids her age are.  The information is in there, it just needs a few days or a week or so to bounce around in her before she can spit it back out.  The trick to this one – Don’t push too hard.  Present new information, then back off for a few days and let it sink in before you try again.

 Lil’Chicano.  He’s my tank.  He’s bright enough.  He counts to 8, and speaks extremely well.  He even recognizes a few letters already.  Reality, he’s not old enough to asses educationally, but…  Developmentally, he’s more like his big brother, always a step or two, or four, ahead of the crowd.  He is very physical, as he should be for a little boy.  He will tackle anything that isn’t nailed down.  He just lowers his head and “BOOM!”  It really doesn’t matter what he hits; mom, GeekBoy, tPD, Dad, the couch, the wall, etc.  As long as he hits something.  He literally bounces off the wall and keeps running.  My legs are black and blue from constantly getting charged at.  Motherhood:  the full contact sport.  But he is a sweetheart, and one of the best behaved kids ever out in public.  (They all behave beautifully in public, saving the inner demon for at home, behind closed doors.)  The trick to this little guy – make it a fun, physical game.  if it involves motion and hitting something, he’ll be happy.

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