Pure Joy.

BigBoy decided Friday night that he wanted a Bible of his very own.  His big brother received an Adventure Bible a few years back.  thePinkDiva has commandeered the Read To Me Bible we have for the kidlets.  So off we went, bright and early Saturday morning, to the Christian Bookstore down the road.

BigBoy took his time, looking over the selection of Bibles at the store.  I’ll never forget the look on his face when he made his decision and carefully picked out the Bible He wanted.  He clutched the Bible to his chest, and told the cashier how happy he was to have his own Bible.  He carried it so tenderly to the car.  He gazed lovingly at it as we drove home, talking excitedly about how he couldn’t wait to get home and show the rest of the family.

We found the cutest Veggie Tale Bible.  It’s an actual Bible, with all kinds of goodies like verses to remember, and information at the front of each book telling a bit about it.  Plus, several of our favorite Veggie ‘toons have been turned into short comic strips and interspersed through out the Bible, complete with references to locate the actual Biblical story.  It’s so cute!

(And, in the interest of full disclosure, I have NOT been paid by Big Idea for this review.  I mean, I won’t complain if they want to send me a few of their new DVDs…  but yea, totes not compensated for this, ok FCC & Big Govt.)

When we finally got home from our errands, he ran into the house, threw himself down on the carpeted hall right next to the door, and pulled the slipcover from his very own Bible.  He lay there on his stomach, flipping the pages, pointing out comics and words he recognized for a good 5 minutes – which for a 5 yr old boy, is practically a lifetime.

His first Bible.

My heart filled with joy as I watched my son enjoying God’s Word.

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