Well. I’m just worn down. It’s getting closer and closer to *that* time of year. It’s time for me to start taking stock of my current gift stash, and figure out what is still needed for the upcoming birthdays and Christmas. Time to start planning now for Dia Del Muerte, Thanksgiving, Birthday parties – three between December and March, and Christmas. Time to start planning now, to figure who will be visiting when, and what days do we need leave time, and which meals will I be cooking… The list goes on. It’s such a busy time of year.

It’s also a hard time of year. The anniversaries of all four of my angels are sprinkled throughout the season. Not to mention Dad’s birthday. Every year my family celebrated a joint party because my oldest boy’s birthday is within a week of my dad’s birthday. But not this year. This year, the family party for my boy will be bittersweet, and I know I will cry as I watch my boy blow out the candles by himself for the first time in 5 years.

I’m keeping busy. And trying very hard not to get overwhelmed. One day at a time. One event at a time. Just breathe. Get through the wedding first. Then we’ll deal with the rest.

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