Hot Mama Revolution: One Thing

Hot Mama Revolution

Sarah @ Ordinary Days has started the Hot Mama Revolution.  This week she’s asking, what the “one thing” to make your self look or feel better about yourself.   Me?  I let my hair down.  I almost always wind up pulling my hair back into a pony tail or more often a *gasp* bun.  It’s the fastest, most effective way to keep my hair out of my food, the kids’ art projects, or just off my neck.  But when I want to turn on the “Hot Mama” I pull the band out and let it down.  A good shake, and I’m good to go.
Via SAHMmy.

1 thought on “Hot Mama Revolution: One Thing

  1. Ah…the bun! Even my three year old asks me to “take my hair out so it’s pretty” You know it’s bad when you’re getting beauty advice from a preschooler! Getting my hair cut next week and forcing myself to let the stylist cut it too short to allow for buns!

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