Be Still

“Be still, and know that I am God.”  Psalms 46:10a

So last month’s habit to add to my routine was the laundry.  This month, is a time of reflection or meditation on God’s Word.  Honestly, the last few messages from my pastor have hit me hard.  I’m a head knowledge type of Christian.  I know all about God in my head…  but do I truly know him in my heart?  I’m not so sure.

But this month, I will add at least 15 minutes in the morning.  Afterall, the Lord of Heaven and Earth gave His life for me.  the very least I can do is give him 15 minutes of my time each day.

So today’s verse, Ps 46:10a. Wow.  Do ya’ll have any idea how hard it is to really “Be still”?  My thoughts instantly run to blogging and how I need to write something, and then wander all over creation.  I have to remind myself, no.  hush.  stop it and be still!  wow.  this is going to be hard, but ultimately so worth it.

My translation (NASB) actually says “Cease Striving.”  It’s translated in the notes to mean “to cease from warlike activity, and acknowledge God’s supremacy.”  Well, the rest of the chapter speaks of how the Lord is our refuge, our “very present help in trouble.”  A place we can go to find strength and peace.
Wow.  Strength and Peace. Two things I need most in my life right now.  And all I have to do is “Be still, and know I am God.”  Awesome.

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  1. You are soo right. When do we have the time to be still and listen to what GOD is trying to tell us? I myself have only listened with half an ear. I am guilty of knowing GOD, but not feeling GOD. In this time of crisis, GOD needs us to be still. Thank you for writing this blog and letting me know I am not being still. God Bless you.

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