Waiting for a leader

Right now, the Republican party is in trouble. There are so many little netroots organizations starting up, which is great, but there is no central leadership.

The problem is, the RINOs in charge either don’t understand social media, or want to “control” it. It’s not going to happen sirs. The current Republican leadership is much like the Record Industry, back when it was trying to fight the first incarnation of Napster. People got used to the idea of free music, and instead of embracing the internet right away, the RIAA tried to stop everything. It didn’t work, in fact had the opposite effect of driving more and more people to piracy. Eventually the Music Industry had to revamp their business model to include internet sales.

Right now we have several netroots movements springing up. There’s TCOT, aka Top Conservatives on Twitter, and Rebuildtheparty, Dontgo, and more.  All of this is great, but every movement has their own degrees of slant based on who is at the top of the movement.  To me, it’s beginning to feel like there are way too many chefs, each with their own recipe, working out of the same pot. It could turn into something wonderful, fresh, and exciting!  Or, it could turn into something awfully awful.

I’m waiting to see who the new Chairman of the Republican party will be, and how that person reacts to the netroots that are already taking off.  I think if the new leadership calls the leaders of each movement together and says, “Thanks for giving us a head start! Now let’s see if we can get everyone on the same page.”  If the new leadership listens to the people involved in all this, participates in the already existing movements, and builds off of what has already been done, things may go well.  If the new leadership says basically screw you all, this is the “official” way to do this, and tries to start it’s own programs, well, it’s not going to end well.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for a leader

  1. You’re thinking like a military person. In the Navy we hava a definate chain of command, with one person at the top accountable at all times, things make sense. Decisions don’t always make sense, but at least we can follow a definate line to the top.
    In politics, hundreds or thousands of little factions pop up, and strong leader emerges to take accountability and herd the factions together in one direction. Like herding Jello-O.
    It failed in 2008, because ultimately the Presidency is a friggin’ Popularity Contest much like Homecoming Queen or King. These are, I believe, the folks on the Left and in the Middle.
    Easily swayed, they often go with the “Winner” so they can avoid feeling bad about themselves because their “team” lost.
    So OUR leader not only has to be the best representitive of our Conservative Principles, but also Charismatic and good-looking. Sucks but there it is.
    Sarah? Possibly, but you also get only one first impression, and she was pushed forward into the snakepit before she was ready, able to deal with the “gotcha” MSM. Not enough of a politician mindset at the time.
    We’re looking for a young Reagan, hopefully he/she can be found.

  2. Mostly likely thinking like a military person because I’m married to one.
    Yea, politics is a popularity contest, and I’ve never been very popular. 🙂

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