A must ready for all TCOT tweepz

I worry that with such a large group of people new to this application of social media, the energy could easily be hijacked for personal agendas; also I’m wary of those who may use it as a means to leverage their own interests. I’ve written about politics and have been politically active for the better part of ten years, blogging since 2001; perhaps all of it has made me cynical. I just don’t want to see the strength of such a wonderful outreach neutralized or tainted.

The rebuilding of a party means new opportunities and many people posturing to make their definition of conservatism the official definition. This is bad. So far, #TCOT has been very welcoming and doesn’t waste time and momentum with arbitrary litmus tests as some movements are wont to do.

via Conservatives gaining ground on Twitter | BlogHer.

Well said Dana.

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