“I lived it!”

Yesterday was an off day for me. I started off the day declaring it would be “Mental Health Day” all week. Then I pulled a muscle in my chest. Yup, it’s official. The 5 yr old is now too big for me to lift. *pout* So, momma was in no condition to teach.

It was also Monday, which means Pizza and Movie Night in our house. GeekBoy was so excited, it was his night to pick! But alas, it was only 4:28pm, and he had to wait until 5pm to put his movie on. He looked at the clock and then told me he had 32 minutes til movie time. I smiled. This from the boy who claims to hate math, despite his mathematical genius. For some reason he views math as pure evil, and subtraction, specifically, is the bane of his existence. I couldn’t help myself. I told my son, “Guess what? You just did math. And guess what? You did subtraction!”

My son was thrilled with himself. So thrilled, he decided to look at the length of the movie, given in minutes, and figure out how long in hours it would be. When he again came up with the right answer in under a minute, I cheered him on and said, “Guess what? You did more math! Subtraction even!”

He was so ecstatic. He ran off to his brother’s room where his brother and sister were playing, shouting the whole way, “I did math! I did math!” But when his sister decided she wanted to do her math workbook too, Geekboy told her, “I didn’t do my workbook… I lived it.”

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