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So, after we mostly-finished the huge project that was the living room and bedroom in the basement we took a break. A several months long break. Sickness and life meant that it took us a while to get around to the bathroom downstairs. But once we decided to start, the project was done relatively quickly. It helped that hubby took a week of vacation to work on this.

Where to start? Well, we essentially gutted the room, with the exception of the Bathfitter tub Mom had put in some years back. The cabinet was barely attached to the wall – I’m actually amazed it hadn’t fallen down. Over the course of a couple of weeks, we, and by we I mean hubby because I was really sick for a while there, pulled the toilet, got rid of the vanity & sink, ripped up the old flooring, took down the old, flat mirror, the towel bars and stuff, bleached the room, and painted the ceiling. We had Bathfitters come in and take down the trim around the tub so we could paint the wall (their caulking was not paintable, so it had to come down.) Then I painted the room. Hubby took his vacation time to lay the new vinyl flooring, his first time doing flooring like this. We replaced the ginormous flat mirror with a large mirrored medicine cabinet, which meant that wall cabinet was no longer needed. Then Hubby installed the new sink, new fixtures, and reinstalled the toilet. We ran into a hiccup when he found a leak in the pipes under the sink. So the plumber had to come out and fix that. After that, I caulked everything down. Then we had Bathfitters back out to replace the trim on the tub. The technician went ahead and redid the caulking around the whole tub, even though we had just had that done last year. He was impressed with the job we’d done, and wanted to help us make the whole thing look completely fresh and new.

Anyway. That’s one more major project done. We still have several rooms on our list that need renovation. But, as it is summer time, there are several outdoor projects that need to get done while the weather permits.

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