Mostly Finished!! … Sorta

The big living room and the bedroom area are done! The fireplace will eventually get a new face and a fancy mantle built around it, and the window will get a window treatment.  But everything else in the big living area has been finished. To recap, we took down the faux 70’s paneling and the textured ceiling. Redid the lode-bearing column. Put some insulation in the bottom half of the walls, and put up new drywall.  Then we repainted the ceiling and the walls, pulled up the old carpet, and scraped up the old tile. Hubby put up new baseboards, and made some custom trim for the fireplace, stairs, and column. We got the sliding glass door replaced, mostly because the dog broke it, and the new french doors from Thompson Creek look amazing! The carpet came in this morning, finishing off the look for now.  I’ve got plans for art work and furniture, but some of that will have to wait.  Anyway, here are some before and after shots of the living area:

Because we wanted the carpet to flow through the living area into the bedroom, we also had to do that room before today.  So we patched the walls – we are slowly removing the old, defunct intercom system in the entire house – and repainted. Then we put up fresh baseboards and trim around the doors.  Here are some before and after shots:

We still have some work to do, a few finishing touches, the bathroom, closet and laundry area. But for now it’s good.

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