'But Mom, why did the Dinosaur lose an eye before he attacked the fat guy?"

Had a rare few moments alone with my Diva this morning before the boys woke up. It’s interesting to me that every topic she brought up was a scene in a movie. Sometimes she was just making an observation about the movie, sometimes she was questioning how that particular scene worked in the movie, and once or twice she questioned the realism of the movie scene. And there was no real connection between the films she brought up, it was just random – whatever popped in her head.

Case in point – the scene in Jurassic Park with the spitting dino.  She wondered why it seemed like the dino in the scene had two eyes, then only one eye, then back to two. Once I explained perspective, and the positioning of the eyes on this dino’s head, she was satisfied, and seconds later moved on to an observation about a different movie entirely.

As odd as most would find a conversation like this, and as hard as it was to make the jump between movies, it makes perfect sense for her. This is my I’d-rather-be-entertained, let-me-watch-a-movie-please child. She’s my High-Functioning Autistic, and movies and videos are her relaxation/detox/de-stress/what have you.

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