"Busy! Busy! Dreadfully Busy!"

Geez. The clock, does it ever slow? I feel like I keep falling further and further behind on so much.  I’ve got so many photos I need to process b4 posting.  Homeschool is moving along ok – I really need to update that blog!  Some days are better then others.  I want to scrap again too, I think I even have something that I’ve done that I ought to post on Die-cut Bytes. I’ve been posting to Conserva-Kat again, sporadically.  There is so much that I want to post there…

But I finally got NFL Rewind, at least for a month.  So I got to watch the Giants beat the Texans this afternoon. Awesome. I feel like I need a few more hours in my day, but I know I just need better time management. Wish I had more time to write.  There are so many words rattling around in my head.  But, alas, I need to get the dishes done and pack some lunches before heading to the boy’s soccer practice.  *sigh*

PS. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me where the quote in the title comes from.

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