Never Forget

Nine years ago, 3000 people woke up and went to work, just like they did everyday.  They never imagined they wouldn’t see the sunset.

Today, my family and I remembered those who lost their lives in the worst terrorist attack inside our borders.  We honored their memory by carrying on with our lives.  The boys had their first soccer games of the season today.  GeekBoy got to play goalie and his team won 6-0.  BigBoy played his first official game ever, and had a blast, even though his team lost 0-4.

Goalie GeekBoy

After the games, DH replaced a ceiling fan that fell yesterday, and the kids’ friends came over to play. But even though life moves on….  We will never forget.

If you want to read more about our 9/11 experience, try here.

BigBoy's first game

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