I Am Talented.

Some of ya’ll may have seen on my FB yesterday that I somehow FUBARd my foot again…  I was just walking through the yard when I suddenly could not bear weight and it hurt soooo bad!

So I went to see my podiatrist today.  He’s says I’m talented.  Seems everything I’m feeling fits right along with someone who has popped/detached their Plantar Fascia… It does happen, but it’s very rare that someone can actually pop their plantar fascia….  BUT! Good news is — Mine feels intact.  Xrays showed no broken bones, so he figures I probably have a small tear in my Fascia….  Fun times!!!

So now… just as soccer season starts…. I’m in an Immobilizing Boot for at least 4 weeks.  *sigh*  I was supposed to be the 5 yr old’s substitute coach next year, but since I’m not mobile, I’ve had to back out.  BigBoy is sad, and wishes I never had foot pain… Me too kid. Me too kid. 🙁  I’m still Team Mom for GeekBoy’s team tho.  And on the plus side, it’s a walking boot…  so I should be able to put weight on it soon….  FUBAR'd Foot

I’m just so frustrated.  There are days when I feel trapped in my own body….  I’m like my folk’s old 1982 Pontiac station wagon.  The day they traded it in, the engine ran beautifully…  but the body was rusting away, the shocks were one bump away from denigrating, if you rolled down the windows, u’d have to take apart the door to get them back up…. The door handle on the back fell off. the passenger door handle was broken, someone had jammed a screwdriver into the back lock trying to break into it…. point is… that thing was a wreck! but the engine ran so beautifully, it purred.  There are days I feel like that….  Like I’m a 33 yr old woman trapped in a 63 yr old body….

Anyway… I gave in and bought a cane last Wednesday – I’d been having problems with that same foot at night ever since the surgery…..  so…  yea.  I’m trying to get myself off the crutches and use the cane.  Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.

Meanwhile, I haz a sad.  I can’t even play soccer with the boys in the backyard.  I feel so freaking old. It’s not fair. /pity party

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