one week later.

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So…  yea.  I’ve been on the Celexa for one week.  Dude. The difference is amazing.  It’s like my life has been a huge wavelength, and I’ve been riding the wave this whole time.  But now, I’m finally on that median line.  My emotions are under control!  I can function!

Even more awesome, the current dosage seems to be perfect for me.  I’m not a total zombie, but I’m not out of control either.  Proof positive, for me anyway, that God knew I needed this medicine – I have not had any side effects!  Woo!

Now, we have had our share of trouble.  Mostly though it’s due to kids who are conditioned to not respond until mom hits “that point”.  But we are working on listening & obeying Mom without waiting for the yelling.

Speaking of yelling, I’m excited to share – I haven’t yelled at anyone in a week!  WOO!  Can I get an AMEN??  Dude!  Thank you dear Jesus for making people who were smart enough to make this wonderful medicine.  I am finally becoming the mom I always wanted to be!  Oh, it’s so awesome.

So yea…  the meds are working great.  *S*

2 thoughts on “one week later.

  1. AMEN!!!!!!!! So glad the meds are working for you. I’m not quite sure how you do all you do, but I greatly admire how you handle everything!

  2. Mi amor..>! i am so happy…! Thank God that all is gud…! i am proud of you for everything tht u do…! Thank you so much…! much luv…! 🙂

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