LOST theory – What's up with Sun?

So…  this has been rattling around in my brain as I watch this penultimate season unfold. Warning to my wonderful DH:  Don’t read this until you catch up!!  Seriously!  Spoilers ahead!




You’ve been warned!  So one thing that’s been bugging me, Why would the Island separate Sun and Jin like this?  Why would it bring Sun back, only to strand her 30 years apart from Jin?  why wouldn’t she flash foward with the res of her friends?

My theory:  Because Sun will be the one to bring them back to the present time.  There is only one thing in this world strong enough to break the constraints of time.  Love.

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  1. Okay, did you see it tonight? Because… didn’t Miles’ mom look like SUN?! I know it wouldn’t work, because later he said he saw her in the cafeteria line, but… c’mon she totally looked like an aged Sun.

    Weird! I’m so confused this season, I hardly know who is where, like… when Faraday popped out of that submarine I was completely shocked. Then Dan explained it all to me (or re-explained it) and I do sort of remember now. Still.

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