Happiness is warm banana bread

thePinkDiva wanted cinamon rolls this morning.  I don’t have any in the house.  I did have a box of banana bread mix though.  She was ok with that so we mixed it up this morning.

Oh, my word!  I have forgotten how good Banana Bread is!  Seriously, Bread is my weakness, well… one of them… We ate the whole loaf today.  And by we, I mean thePinkDiva had a slice, BigBoy had a slice, and I devoured the rest.  Nom, nom nom, banana bread good!

So banana bread is my number one for tonight.

Obama’s teleprompter is number two. Seriously, this blog & twitter account has had me laughing my rear end off all day.

Number three is sunshine.  Finally!  Today we had a day of sunshine for the first time in a week! And, well, yes, the rain started again tonight…. but the kids were able to get out back and play in the yard mudhole.  Much fun was had by all.

Laundry.  Because even though it is the bane of my exsistence most days, it measn we have clothes on our back, and a washer and dryer to make the job easier.  So, yea…  number four.

And just to throw you all a curve ball, number five is Carpet Fresh.  But not for the fresh lilac-y smell it leaves in the carpet for months.  Rather Carpet Fresh makes the list for it’s unique ant-killing capabilites.  True, the smell gives me a headache, but if you’ve got ants in your carpet (and no, I have no clue how they got in this time.  The bait seems to have been a dried flower petal stuck behind the DVD cabinet.), spread a layer of Carpet Fresh down.  Give a few hours, then vaccuum the carpet.  Ants all gone!  And, it works much better then those stupid traps.  Carpet Fresh, FTW!

So that’s my five.  How about you? Tell me five things that made you happy today.

2 thoughts on “Happiness is warm banana bread

  1. Thanks for the heads up on Carpet Fresh…I’ll get some the next time I go to the store. I don’t have ants on the carpet, but this time of year they start to invade for a few weeks, so I’ll sprinkle some around the door and see if I can kill ’em that way!

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