Waiting tables? Wha?

Not the weirdest dream I’ve ever had, but somehow, I was waitressing again.  Weird indeed, because I hate waitressing with a passion.  Was the Worst. Job. Ever. in the history of my life.

So anyway, there I was, waitressing again, and who was at my only table but the Rock.  Yup, Dwayne Johnson. Except, he didn’t sound like the Rock, he sounded & acted like my darling husband. (yes, first time I ever met DH in person, I was waiting on his table.)

It wasn’t so bad. Since they were my only table, and I obviously knew everyone (though I don’t remember who else was at the table, just that there were 3 others) I sat and talked with them while they ate. Then they needed the check, and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to ring up their meal. DH/Rock was being so patient & encouraging.  He kept saying that it was ok, take my time, he wasn’t going anywhere.  Just as I was about to burst into tears of frustration…

BigBoy woke me up to inform me that he saw light out his window & the first number on the “cwock” was 7.  Time to wake up.


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