Smile – Tooth = Growing up.

Geek boy lost one of his top teeth yesterday. Not the one he cracked when he was 2, and we were told would fall out be the time he was 3. Oh no. 5 1/2 years later that one is still hangin’ in there (although it is finally starting to get loose!)

The tooth was so loose, it went horizontal, but still wouldn’t come out. So mom gave it a bit of, um, encouragment. I believe, that after explaining it had to come out or food would get stuck in there, my exact words were, “It will hurt. Whatever you do, don’t bite my finger.” *S*

Thankfully, he didn’t, though he did wuss out at the sight of blood. I can’t be too hard on him though, I seem to recall I was a bit of wuss about blood when I was his age. A hypochondriac too, but that’s beside the point. Besides, he’s just too dang cute, all toothless and all.

Afterwards, he told me he needed to watch the new Lego Batman videos on to “calm down from loosing my tooth.” Then he called Gramma, and paced circles around the kitchen while he described to her in vivid detail the gory events. Gotta love boys. *S*

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