ID10ts like this are why responsible parents have problems

This dumbass woman is suing Walgreens and Tylenol because she gave her 4 month old baby 2, count them, 2 different medications.  Both meds were essentially the same thing.  So she overdosed the kid by giving him double doses of the same med.  But because the FDA said the drugs she used were bad for babies 6 days after she bought and administered the drugs, she thinks she has a case.  Ugh.

Druggies, and people like this are why more and more OTCs are being yanked off the shelf and put behind the counter.  But don’t worry, once they get all the OTCs behind the counter, making you get a prescription for cold medicine…   They’ll give us Universal Healthcare, and make us wait 6 months to a year for a doctor appointment.  By the time we get in, we’ll either be healthy or dead.  Ugh.

1 thought on “ID10ts like this are why responsible parents have problems

  1. At least she’s calling attention to her stupid/scary parenting practices–hope CPS is paying attention. It’s kind of like the robber who sues the homeowner because he tripped over a toy when he was cleaning the place out. Some people.

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