Resistence is futile.

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But the more we put ourselves out there online, the more of our own privacy we lose. Charter is taking heat for their announced plan to target advertising based on the websites you visit. Freaky, because it means they would be tracking your surfing history – I’m in ur interwebs, checking ur history. I can has pron plz? – But. Here’s a newsflash, Google has been tracking your surfing habits for a long time. And, as the diggers pointed out, there are several other companies who already do this. Thing is, Charter is taking the heat because they are being up front about it. Ironically, they are even offering an opt out!

Privacy is an illusion.

Ask anyone who has tried PeopleFinder (get your own link) to track someone down. It’s way to easy to find just about anyone you want to online. But where do we draw the line?

The TSA is now using “Body Scanners” at several major airports, with plans to use them nationwide.  These things creep me out.  They can see under your clothes. To the point that they can see the sweat on your back.  Oh, yea, gender type stuff – nothing is hidden.  But don’t worry.  The TSA promises that faces are blurred, and the images are deleted.  Right.  And the first time one of these “deleted images” turns up online, what will they say then?  Oh, you know it’s coming.  But hey, you can always opt to be felt up have a pat down instead.  Seriously?  Are we so scared to fly now that we will allow some perv a TSA agent to view our essentially naked bodies?  Dude.  The terrorists have effing won.

But hey, with the rise in gas prices, you’ll most likely see more people opt to stay home and log on.  Companies are increasingly offering employees the chance to work from home, and with all the opportunity in Second Life, who needs to leave home?

Dude.  We are putting ourselves in the Matrix.  Fo’ real. Where’s Morpheus?  I want my red pill before it’s too late.

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