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Seacrest opens the show by pimping the new set.  Enough already… but I do agree… Simon needs to button the shirt…  Ick! Seacrest reminds us that even though the look is new, the act is not…  The time has come to begin the much hyped Beatles night.  Will it hurt my status as a music lover if I say that I just don’t understand the hype around the Beatles.  I mean…  granted they were way before my time, and I do like some of their stuff…  But I really don’t get the hype that they are the “greatest of all time”.   Whateva…  Time to get started.. finally.

Syesha Mercado:   “Gonna get you into my Life”  Sounded good to me.  but honestly, I tuned out.  Randy says she used the Earth, Wind, and Fire arrangement.  Paula is all sunshines and kittens…  She’s stuttering already… this may be a fun night.  Simon loved her.

Chikezie: “She’s a woman”  He’s got awesome energy, and it sounded fun.  Randy loved it.  Paula is stumbling around and referencing “O Brother Were Art Thou?”.  Simon loved it… but then said he looked completely drunk halfway thorugh, but compliments his stage presence.  Seacrest urges Chikezie to “work it, man!!”  Dude.  Ezie…  Beware, Seacrest is tellin’ you to work it…  I’d watch my backside if I were you.

Ramiele Malubay: “In my Life” She can sing.  I don’t like slow songs…  esp after  ‘ezie’s high energy performance, this just seemed to drag the crowd way down.  Randy said it just laid there, and Paula is complimenting her looks which means Paula thinks she needed to do something else.  Simon is going to cut to the chase, “I was bored to tears.”  Calls her forgettable and boring.  Dude.  She was.

Jason Castro: “If I Fell”  Oh, he’s got the guitar again.  Dude…  He has pretty blue eyes…  Sorry Jay, I prefer brown.  I was bored.  I mean, he sounds nice, but…  blah…  you know???  Randy tuned out too.  Paula felt his heart.  Simon calls him, “Student in a bedroom at midnight.”

Carly Smithson: “Come Together” She’s good.  Dh didn’t like it, but then against, she said she was going to change it.  Randy said it was amazing.  Paula claims that she couldn’t wait until the top 12 so Carly could really show…  Ok..  simon says it was finally the right song, and compares Carly to Kelly Clarkson.

David Cook: “Eleanor Rigby” Dude rocks.  I loved it, I could totally hear that playing on the radio these days.  Randy said dude!  you got this!  Paula wants to ride him..  at least she keeps calling him the thoroughbred.  Simon thought it was brilliant.

Brooke White: “Let it Be” wow.  this is beautiful.  I’d probably buy this single from Walmart.  this girl has a career, that’s for sure.  Randy says her performance was heartfelt, and Paula says her niche is picking songs that show her heart.  Simon thought it was one of the best of the night.

David Hernadez: “I Saw Her Standing There”  I think he beats Jason Castro, only because of the energy.  He has good energy.  This was fun to watch. Castro just sat there with his guitar and his slow song. Dave here ran all over and tried to rock.  Castro has the better voice, Dave H has the better stage presence.  Randy says he really needed to cut loose, Paula giggles like a schoolgirl when Dave says he loves her.  Simon thought it corny going on desperate and tell the audience to shut up.

Amanda Overmyer: “You Can’t Do That” Can someone tell her to stop wearing all black & white.  She is allowed to wear other colors.  The stripes are distracting…  She rocks, but everytime I hear her, I feel concern for her voice.   Randy says she took a Beatle’s song to a southern bar.  Paula says she’s a star.  Simon says it was as good as last week, and he only understood about 30% of it, worrys about her voice.  then he tells Paula to shut up, and starts a pissing match with Paula.  Paula – Simon will win!  He’s not drunk and can shoot further than you with his fly zipped.

Michael Johns: “Across the Universe” He can sing.  We know that.  Don’t know how memorable this was…  Randy says it wasn’t his best, and that it was a little sleepy.  Paula is sunshine and kittens as always…  Simon agrees with Randy, that it was monotonous.

Kristie Lee Cook: “8 Days a Week” It feels like she’s rushing the song a bit…  but otherwise it’s good, and I like the country sound with this song.  She doesn’t work the stage as well as some of the others.  Randy says she forced too many runs.  Paula actually didn’t like it at all.  Simon thought it was horrendous.  I really don’t think it was that bad.  I disagree with Simon, it’s not that the song doesn’t work in that style, it’s just that she sang the song to fast.  Seacrest is trying to instigate a fight ‘tween Simon and Paula.

David Archuletta: “We can work it out”  oh no!  he forgot the lyrics!!!!  Ouch!  Good thing he has such huge fan base.  I don’t this, much at all…  maybe his mike wasn’t on?  not his best at all.  Randy says it was not on point, and felt forced.  Paula says it wasn’t his best, and forgetting the lyrics – never let it show on your face!  Listen to that tidbit Davy.  Simon said it was the weakest so far.

So who’s headed home???  I say the bottom three is Davy, Ramiele, and either Jason Castro or David Hernandez.

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