Trust and Communication

I found this post over at Heart of the Matter. Interesting post to be sure. I think I’m one of the exceptions to the rules, not because I am divorced (I’m not), or disobeying God(I’m doing my best to follow the path He set before me). But because as a navy wife, I often have to take on that head of household role. My husband has told me many times just how much he depends on my independence while he is away.

The key to a great marriage, in my opinion, is trust. This marriage would have fallen apart years ago if I did not trust DH, or if he didn’t trust me. Hand in hand with trust is communication. We communicate about everything, from the kids, to movies, even how many necks I broke while shopping at Wally-world. We even discuss curriculum, or our lack thereof. His support in our journey to unschooling is vital to my being able to do this homeschool thing. Plus, he is as much a homeschool teacher as I am, and wants to back me up when he’s home. to do so, he needs to know where we stand.

We haven’t had a “date” sans kids in almost a year. Mostly due to the fact that I am the one constant in their lives. Through all the moves, deployments, deaths in the family, etc… the one thing that has always been there for my kids, is me. So we go on family “dates,” or we wait until the kids are in bed and one of us picks up some carside-to-go or something like that.

Our relationship thrives, despite the occasional long separations, despite the lack of “date” time, because we trust.  We trust each other, and communicate constantly.

Plus, my DH totally rocks.  *S*

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