WFWM: Online Shopping Edition

Shannon has asked us, where do you go to shop online?

Amazon.  That is always the first place I go whenever I need anything.  I even have one of those rewards cards that pays me in Amazon gift certificates.  It’s great.

The only thing I don’t buy at Amazon (besides food, because I’m not that crazy), is shoes.  I get my shoes from  With my double wide boats, it’s hard to find shoes that not only fit, but look good.  But Zappos has them!  Like these super cute heels that I got for my sister’s wedding.  They have super cute little girls’ shoes, like these, which my PinkDiva just adores.  And I highly reccomend the New Balance brand for kids.  About 2 years ago, GeekBoy ripped through about 3 pair of Target/Walmart sneaks in a span of 6 months.  I got him some New Balance from Zappos, more expensive, but he out grew them long before they wore out!  BigBoy has worn nothing but New Balance, and he always out grows them long before the tread on the bottom shows wear and tear.

I also sell through CafePress.

That’s pretty much it.  Though, I do fully intend to purchase some NY Giants Super Bowl Championship wear and memorabilia at their NFL shop.

5 thoughts on “WFWM: Online Shopping Edition

  1. I love Zappos too! My husband has 4E wide feet too, and he travels on business quite a bit, so it’s MUCH easier to get his shoes online than wasting our time at the shoe stores only to be disappointed 95% of the time. I love their shipping & return policy too.

  2. I do a lot of shopping on QVC for clothes, and for CD’s & books. Even though I have a black belt in shopping, since finding FlyLady, I just don’t enjoy the process like I used to. I guess that’s good!!!

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