Just call me Nick Burns.

It seems I’ve lost a few comments… but at least I’m back online!! You may, or may not have noticed that my site went down last night. The wonderful folks over at Ipower finally deemed fit to transfer my website to the new platform. yippee skippee. So now I’ll be spending the day doing maintenance on my various blogs and trying to get everything running smoothly again.

As far as Blog365… I know I’ve missed a few days, but I’ve got some stuff to post and backdate ASAP. *S* and I hope to get my Weekly roundup up over at virb and Myspace sometime today, but that will depend on how fast I can get my site back online.


Mad propz to my DH though. He’s totally handling my shizznit for me so I can handle being my own tech support at this point.

and for your entertainment, check out this Nick Burns video  (sorry, embed not available due to NBC restrictions)

2 thoughts on “Just call me Nick Burns.

  1. Ahhh…thanks sweetie…! but gotta give props to ’em Canadian techies…they sure do help out, unlike them that r outsourced to India an others places…!

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