Things I want to drop kick off a cliff

So… in the spirit of Dana Loecsh’s Trebuchet Fling…. I now present – Things I want to drop kick off a cliff. The rules are: Once you are done drop kicking, you must name at least three things you would not drop kick. Got it?? Good. Here goes.

To drop kick:

the FDA – for taking children’s cold medication off the shelf. They are doing this because some parents apparently can’t read the dosages right. But do the math. There is an average of 3 deaths per year since 1969 due to antihistamines and decongestants. 3 per year. Because of overdosing or bad reactions to the meds. So… because of a few parents who can’t figure out how to ask for help with dosing, or see the difference between tablespoon and teaspoon, all of our kids have to suffer. Add to that, the average cold last 10 days, the average kid gets 7-10 colds a year. What working parent can afford to take 100 days off a work a year? and what kid can miss 100 days of school, and still pass? I mean seriously, you might as well homeschool the kid, because that’s what you’ll be doing anyway, getting homework from the teacher and whatnot. Gov’t needs to stay out of my life.

the website manager/host of – I love Tom Tancredo. but his website is down more than it’s up. Dude! Take a lesson from others. Harness the power of the web. Your website is your voice man… Oh well. At least Typepad comes through. Check out the TeamTancredo blog instead.

scientists who think they know everything – I literally laughed out loud when I heard the news report last night about a crater in the Chesapeake Bay. The reporter was so serious when he reported on what *scientists say* happened 34 million years ago. Like they know. Really. Dude was reporting this as factually as he reported on the murder that happened two towns over. Like anyone knows for sure. It’s like when they find a few bones and build a whole new animal around it. Remember Gigantoraptor? Check out this image –…/dinosaur_skeleton_2.jpg – the bones colored gray? Yea, those are the ones they actually found. The rest is just guess work. Yup. Honestly, it takes alot more faith to believe evolution then it does to believe in a loving Creator God.

Things not to drop kick:

My husband – he’s a sweetie. He’s helping out with the kids despite being sick because he knows I’m stressed and need to get some work done. He’s so not your stereotype of a guy, and he’s soo a keeper. luv ya babe!
Safety scissors – because a pair of safety scissors and a scrap of paper will keep my little two occupied for at least ten minutes.

my blog – because without this little bit o’ daily therapy, I think I’d go stir crazy.

Your turn. Post in the comments. What would you drop kick, and what would you not?

**I may change the theme in the future.  somehow this particular time of the month always makes me remember my mom’s story of her mother flinging dishes at the sink.  “Nobody wants to wash the dishes!” Fling! Crash!  *S*  So next month it may be the dish fling or something.  We shall see.

1 thought on “Things I want to drop kick off a cliff

  1. Things to drop kick:
    ~The Navy. For keeping my husband at work and out of the country more than he’s with his family.
    ~Hawaii. Because I’m sitting here sweating and it’s November.
    ~Baby fat. My baby is almost 3 months old and this tire around what used to be my waist is soooo unattractive.

    To not drop kick:
    ~The Navy. For if it weren’t for the Navy I would have never met my dh and wouldn’t have all these wonderful babies.
    ~My babies smile. Makes me feel so much better when my Prozac is wearing off *S*
    ~Diet Mug rootbear. I can get my soda “fix” without the calories and without my little one getting the caffeine.

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