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I keep seeing homeschoolers falling all over themselves for Ron Paul, because he likes homeschoolers. Honestly, I don’t like Ron Paul’s stance on the war on terror, and his record on education is shaky to me. Has anyone even looked at Tom Tancredo?? Here’s a quote from him:

“Having served as a public school teacher in Colorado and as the U.S. Secretary of Education’s Regional Representative, I have earned real world knowledge of how to best educate America’s children. Control over the education of our children must be in the hands of the parents. I believe in the ability of parents to choose the educational path best suited for their children. I support tax credits for families who choose to allow their children to attend any other institution whether it be a private, parochial, or home school. I oppose increased federal involvement in education, and broke ranks with my party to oppose the No Child Left Behind Act for that reason.”

Do you see where he says that control over education choices should be “in the hands of the parents”? And that he wants to give homeschoolers tax credits?

Have you looked at Ron Paul’s record on Education as a whole?? Did you see that he voted against letting low-income folks in DC have vouchers? His homeschool platform does not say that he would make life easy on homeschoolers. It says he would “veto any legislation that would require federal testing.” Huh? Wait, is this even an issue before congress right now? How come the community hasn’t been in an uproar about it if it is? Paul also wants to get rid of the No Child Left Behind. Newsflash: So does Tancredo! Paul is rated a 68% by the NEA, whose mission statement is:

“To fulfill the promise of a democratic society, the National Education Association shall promote the cause of quality public education and advance the profession of education; expand the rights and further the interest of educational employees; and advocate human, civil, and economic rights for all.”

Meanwhile, Tancredo is only rated a 8% by the same NEA… an Association out to maintain the public schools.

Ron Paul says that the War on Terror is bad, and has voted to pull our guys out. On the surface that sounds good, BUT we are winning! In a time when the worst news out of Iraq is that the low death toll is affecting the Iraqi funeral business (see story here) and people who are there say we can win this, the surge is working… talking about pulling out is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and proving that when the going gets tough, America turns tail and run.

Tancredo on the other hand, truly supports our military. He supports the mission, and understands who we are fighting.

Also, check out Tancredo’s stance on immigration. Here’s a guy who gets it.

His website – seems to be down at the moment, but you can check out Tancredo’s Blog at Typepad. You can also find out where all the candidates stand on the issues at these sites:

Honestly, Tancredo is more in line with everything I believe. He is a Christian, rated 100% by the Christian Coalition, and I really like the guy. Just like Ron Paul though, he is considered “second tier” and therefore has a hard time getting any press to get his views out there. He’s been pegged as the “immigration guy” but he’s so much more than that.

What do you think? Who do you like? Leave a comment and let’s talk politics – Just remember to keep it civil. Save the drama for your mama, ok?

6 thoughts on “Talkin' Politics… watch out!

  1. I don’t like any of them. Tancredo is technically one of my faves but realistically he will never be president so I have a conflict in supporting someone i know can’t win and trying to support who I think has a shot…..this election sucks. Down with the Dems though this year….I can’t stand the sight of any of them.

  2. Sometimes its a matter of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, you know? But I like Tancredo. And yea, I wonder about his elect-ability. I tend to think that if more Republicans would check out his record, they’d see that Tancredo is more in line with the Republican platform then most of the rest of these guys. But then the question is… Do I vote for Tancredo in the primary, even though it’s a long shot, and give someone like Ron Paul the chance to sneak through? Or do I vote for someone I only half like because I think he’s highly electable (IE: Guliani)? Tough call.

  3. Vote for Tancredo. He’s the most consistent, honest conservative out there. Don’t be fooled by the “electability” argument. That plays into the Democrats hands. Remember, the Dems picked Kerry last time because he was “electable”–except he wasn’t. Someone’s electable based on their ideas–not on what out-of-touch pundits claim. Guiliani, Thompson, Romney, and McCain aren’t electable because they don’t stand for anything. They’re empty suits. I would support Tancredo, then Paul if it comes to that.

  4. Ya know me… Working for the new media company and rest of the time dealing with congress. I’m weary of everybody who is running for president.. They say something then turn the next minute so basically about half of the things they say, I might consider, but won’t jump in their boat.

    With this war.. there’s so much not being told. They’ve been saying we’re winning for a while, but when more than 3,000+ of our people died, we spent way more than 100+ BILLION on this war, and it’s like, there was an article about how there is a plot out there going about something where they are planning to try to kill at least a million US citizens, and there’s no Alert on it.. It’s like I feel like we’re in the eye of a storm of hate, and pain, it’s just that one quiet moment. And this has happened before with 9-11, and I remember seeing articles of their plans 2 weeks before the planes hit. Deja Vu!

    I think mostly we’re fighting a belief, instead of going after bin laden. I guess I’m just like give aid to those people out there, because alot of them might have lost everything because of this, and lords know what else has happened, then give the rest of the AID to New Orleans people who are still stuck in trailers, or homeless. This whole fighting has to stop, fighting killing, isn’t gonna solve much of anything, besides, what would Jesus do? 🙂 If someone hates me, then KILL THEM !!!

    VOTE FOR CONAN O’BRIEN FOR PRESIDENT !!!! We need a good laugh this next year 😀

  5. Put this in context. They started this way before they killed close to 3000 innocent Americans in 9-11. Remember the 93 WTC bombing? Kohbar Towers? Embassies? the USS Cole? The list goes on and on. And those are just the biggies, that doesn’t include all the kidnapped diplomats and whatnot.

    To say we are losing because there have been 3000+deaths since this started almost 5 years ago is not correct. Do you realize that close to 4000 Americans died in one D-Day battle alone? For all of WW2, the total number of American deaths was closer to 293,000! Six years, and close to 300,000 dead. The truth is the Iraqis are helping! That’s the dirty little secret the mainstream democrat party and press don’t want you to know. I know from stories told by friends who have been there, and fought the battles firsthand. The Iraqi security forces are taking over more and more roles as they are trained to do so. The Iraqi people are tipping military off to where the bad guys are hiding.

    Think about it. A country the size of California, and all you ever hear about are a few places in Baghdad. Remember back to when this started? There were reports from all over the country of battles and bombs and what was going on. But the majority of the country is now peaceful. There are just a few pockets of holdouts. The surge is working. Our own military commanders are talking about being able to scale back our presence there in a few years. The surge is working. like everything else in life, it just takes time.

    Oh, and the whole, what would Jesus do thing?? Um. God is the one who told Israel to “drive out the inhabitants of the land.” Israel didn’t obey then, and look at the trouble they have now. Jesus drove out the money changers with a whip because He was upset at what they had turned the Temple into. Dude wasn’t above violence when all else failed. And lest anyone forget, we did try to negotiate with Saddam. Remember the 16 resolutions through the UN that did nothing to stop the madman?

    But, you and I have always disagreed when it comes to politics, and that will never change. *S*

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