Deja Vu all over again

Guess what??  Just guess?  aw… your no fun…  Ok, I’ll tell ya.  Remember a few weeks back I talked about how Lil’Chicano was thinking about potty training, but we weren’t pushing him, cuz oh my freakin’ word he’s only 2!!!  Right?  Well…

He did it.  All by himself.  he woke up Monday morning and decided, “Unner-wayers.”  and has been in them ever since.  We average one accident a day, which isn’t bad considering that on day one it was because thePinkDiva had locked him out of the bathroom and was laughing on the other side of the door as Lil’Chicano beat on the door saying he needed to potty.  (She was using it at the time, so she’s not entirely cold-hearted.)

But of course, in the grand tradition of children picking the worst times to attempt to achieve major milestones, he’s decided to start this a mere 5 days away from the wedding!  Ahh!  So yea…   If I’m extra quiet, it’s probably because I’m stuck in a bathroom with a 2 year old, reading about Tutter’s poop over and over.

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