WFMW: Brand-loyal Ed.

Huggies – because it was the only brand available at the commissary in Sigonella that did not cause my firstborn to break out in a rash. Even though we’ve been in the states for the last two babies (read close to 5 years), I’ve never felt the need to experiement with other brands. Don’t mess with it if it ain’t broke!

Dove Soap for sensitive skin – Same reason as above.

Dell – because I’ve gotten exactly what I need from them, for a decent price. I highly recomend Dell. although, their tech support could use some help. it’s awful when i call the guy, and I have to help him. But that’s why I have a few Geeks in the family – literally. MomoT and her fiance Bing both used to work for Best Buy’s Geeks on Call. I call them for tech support if I can’t figure out the issue myself.

Ford – We had a very good experience with the Taurus we bought back in ’99. So good that we went back and bought an explorer in ’02 from the same dealer. While I’m not opposed to other brands, other then the accidents in Sig on the Taurus, neither car has needed a mechanic until last week when the Brake Interlock Switch went bad in the Explorer. Not a bad record for a couple of cars that we bought “used.”

era – see the huggies reason above. and add to that, we can buy it in the big huge container at the walmart now. Woo hoo!

Mr. Clean Eraser – because I’ve tried the knock offs, and they just don’t work as well.

Canon – because the cameras are great, and the picture quality from the printer is awesome.

Hersheys – call me a spoiled American… but I just don’t like other chocolates. Palmer tastes like old t-shirts to me, and I never was a fan of the “gourmet” chocolates… Give me Hershey’s!

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate – I drink hot chocolate like most people drink coffee. 2-3 cups a day actually, even in the summer. I have to tell you, if it ain’t Swiss Miss, it just ain’t right. I’ve tried other brands, but I always come back to the swiss miss.

WordPress – I have like – 4 or so blogs running right now.  All use WordPress!  and I’ve helped others set up wordpress on thier sites.  I love wordpress.  I started in Blogger.  i love the flexibility of wordpress, and being able to host it here, at my own site.  awesome!

That my list. My DH has his own list of Brand Names. Pioneer, Sony, Dell, Linksys, Ford, Craftsmen, etc.

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